Here you will find our varied excursion program

Our tours listed below are offered by us and also organized by us. We are not an intermediary, whether snorkel or diving guests, there is something suitable for everyone in our excursion program. Good fun to read and soon on board.

Kite Safari

A kite safari is very special for the kite surfers! Surfers can sleep comfortably and peacefully on our SIMSIM DIVE. Right after breakfast you can start the day actively and start kiting in the early morning. We drive you to the best places where you can live your arts and passion in shallow turquoise waters and coral reefs. If the wind does not want to play, then you have the possibility to dive on board or just snorkel. Let’s have Fun …



Our popular dolphin tours take you to places far removed from mass tourism. We are very careful to approach the dolphins carefully and calmly in their habitat. If you do not feel like it, we will leave you alone – and accept it that way. Very often there is also the chance to dive with the dolphins and admire these fascinating animals in their world. We have a 99% rate of sighting throughout the year and are the first provider of “swimming with dolphins in the wild” since 2005.



Experience unforgettable moments, enjoy the sunsets, be close to the realm of dolphins and make dreams come true. Throughout the year we organize unique experiences of free-living dolphins. We are the first provider of professional dolphin tours in front of Hurgahda and El Gouna. We offer multi-day tours, from 2 to 7 days and will prepare you during this time dreamlike experiences in and on the Red Sea. Join us on board and meet one of the most intelligent animals on earth, the “bottlenose dolphin”.



Be a guest on our SIMSIM DIVE and drive for several days to legendary dive sites in the Red Sea. Day and night dives, wreck diving and simply enjoying a relaxed atmosphere on board. We start your unforgettable liveaboard from 8 persons and do not guarantee mass tourism on board. As well as a well-rehearsed, experienced boat crew – a clean, large and comfortable dive boat and unforgettable days with us on the SIMSIM DIVE. We look forward to seeing you !


One-Day Diving Tours

As a licensed diver, we drive our guests to the beautiful dive sites in the Red Sea. Just make another dive or extend your diving license, everything is possible and we will be there for you as a reliable and experienced host. Even for beginners, we have interesting offers in the program, take a taster course with us! For example, 2 dives in shallow water, with a private instructor and enjoy the first few minutes under water! It will be a great experience for sure!


Learning Scuba Dive

They want more than just snorkeling, finally diving and exploring the depths of the Red Sea. Let’s go – with a taster course, in your diving adventure! Step by step, we will train you to become a licensed diver. We organize you for the first diving certificate – the OPEN WATER DIVER – 4 boat trips, including complete diving equipment and experienced instructor. The learning material is provided by us, as well as the theoretical and practical examination. If you have passed the exams, we will sign you the diver’s license for PADI.