One-day diving tours as a licenced diver and with the opportunity to expand the diving licence

We offer daily one-day diving tours to the popular and most beautiful diving sites of the Red Sea.

Every dive is a new and exciting adventure. Especially in the Red Sea are domiciled uncountable and fascinating living beings, that appear so interesting, which allows one to forget the flow of time. But especially while diving, one has to keep the timeframe and respect the safety and security.

Over the whole year, we have warm water temperatures – ideal conditions for diving. Therefore the Red Sea is one of the most popular diving sites.

We choose our diving sites based on the diving certification. Our own clean, fast and cosy boats „SimSim“ and „SimSim Dive“ are available for you.

Our full-service concept, the tasty fresh prepared food and our experienced crew will take care of you and will give you advice if you need help.

The adventure can begin – we hope to welcome you on board soon.