Come on board and we will teach you how to dive!

You dream of diving or you are in love with snorkeling and you want to be closer with the unterwater world? We will teach you how to dive!

Maybe you are a bit nervous – but that´s normal. Every beginning is a little difficult but alread after a few minutes the insecurity will disappear. You will feel at ease in the empire of the underwater world.

We will anchor at generous sites which are quite suitable for diving tryouts. Our diving teachers are competent contact persons and provide support for your first steps. If you are comfortable with diving, you have the chance to acquire a diving licence. After the tryout follows the Open Water course.

Our diving teachers and guides are specialised in teaching diving. They do diving regularly and now the best methods, to make the learning process safe and amusing. This is very important. Through this way, you will have a calm, exciting and confident feeling during your first experiences under water.

At first, you will get an introduction with some further explanation about the equipment and the fundamental concepts of diving in connection with security and health. The rules will be mediated as well. Afterwards, your qualified PADI-diving guide will take you into the warm ocean for the first dives. It surely will be a worthwhile and joyful experience.